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tv   Unfiltered With Dan Bongino  FOX News  February 5, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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i urge you to watch fox and friends from 6-9 monday through friday. "unfiltered" with dan bongino starts just about now. [♪♪♪] dan: misinformation is one of the left's favorite labels. they slap it on pretty much anything they don't like. patriots everywhere are standing up saying enough of that. tensions with russia. a crisis around every corner for joe biden. didn't biden promise us a return to normal. he was supposed to be donald trump's worth nightmare.
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instead he went to prison himself. we look at michael avenatti. the jury finds avenatti guilty again. is pope francis a socialist? his alarming comments have incatholics around the world asking questions, me includes. one of the left's favorite tactics ismm the label misinformation or disinformation. they paint people as conspiracy theorists for people they don't like. remember this tweet from just before the election about hunter biden? hunter biden's story is russian misinfo.
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intelligence officials say. just this week we learned the "new york times" is suing the state department for refusing to release those very same emails from hunter biden. i thought they were disinformation. it turns out that tweet was the disinformation itself. understand what happening here, folks? psaki is talking about real disinformation. seeing things that were once categorized as disinformation or misinformation is becoming an acceptedcc narrative without the facts ever changing. let me prove it to you. the left is desperate to silence you, dissenting voices and facts.o they moved on from what was you be questionably a censorship argument too what is becoming a serious first amendment problem
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as they incentivize this from government pulpits. let's take a trip down memory lane during the pandemic. lockdowns. we were told it would stop the spread of the virus and save countless lives. >> the fact that we shut down when we did and the rest of the world did, hayed saved hundreds of millions of infections and millions of lives. dan: turns out that was misinformation, too. wasn't it? check out this johns hopkins study showing that the lockdown reduced the deaths by .2%. then there is the vaccines, we were told they would stop the transmission of the virus in its tracks. if you questioned this you were
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called a science denier. >> now we know the vac seens work well enough that -- that vaccines work well enough that the virus stops with every vaccinated person. a vaccinated person gets exposed to the virus. the virus stops and it cannot go anywhere else. >> getting the vaccine and taking that mask off. >> you are not going to get covid if you have these vaccinations. dan: looks like a swing and a miss for the experts. the rare breakthrough cases are pretty normalized. and the left has long ago shifted their talking points. here is the new talking point. the vaccine only prevents serious illness. >> our vaccines work well for
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delta with regard to severe illness and death. but they can't prevent transmission. dan: then there is cloth masks. we were told for months it was pour patriotic duty to wear a mask to protect our neighbors. people were band, me included for daring to say masks may not be that effective. suddenly the media did a 180 or more like a 540 on cloth makes, and media echoed what conservatives like me said from the beginning. if masks work great, then why aren't they work that great. >> don't wear a cloth mask. there is no place for them in omicron. dan: i could fill the whole show
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with examples like this. americans are a rugged breed. people came here as immigrants, and people who were born here just want to work and be left hell alone. they want to go out and produce and i raise their kids and just get the hell out of our lives. they want nothing to do with oppression, propaganda or force fed government narratives, especially narratives that screw it up all the time. that's why we are witnessing an open revolt against the gatekeeper of truth. the anti-vaccine trucker protest into the what? they are hard-working patriots telling the self-proclaimed experts, no thanks, we'll figure it out.
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prime minister trudeau decided to throw the whole bag of isms at them all at once. this is from the parliament. anti-semitism, home phoneio, transphobia, together let's keep working to make canada more inclusive. [buzzer] dan: here is a look at all that anti-black racism and transphobia and all the other isms on display. [horns honking] any isms? it doesn't look that dangerous
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to me. you know the famous rally cry, workers of the world unite? workers of the world unite unless you are a trucker who doesn't like vac seen mandates. then forgetck it. we have to do the editing for you. why the shift now? why this rebellion? what's happening? what changed since the start of the pandemic when the leftist tie trants started stripping us of our freedoms. it just takes one person to get and start dancing before others around him are inspired to get and start dancing too. eventually enough people start dancing and they out number the people watching. that's the trirks. there is a lot of dancing going on.
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courage is contagious. and that's how real change happens. joining me knew is renowned cardiologist dr. peter mccollough. let me get to this first question. these experts have been wrong for so long about covid, mask vaccines and public health measures. do they have anybody to blame butcr themselves? >> fully accountable. senator ron johnson held on january 24 a senate panel called a second opinion. we had dozens of leading doctors who take care of patients, nurses, patients and others. johnson invited all these public health officials and nobody came to hear expert review of the data. dan: doctor, you have become a target. they tried to cancel you.
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what do you think is behind it? you are on the front lines of this covid fight. are they just in a panic because people like yourself are not intimidated? is there any recourse for people like yourself who have been attacked by the science folks? >> when i went on joe rogan, i had over a hundred scientific slides to prove for a major scientific meeting. i prepared a month for that. rogan was perceptive, he was intelligent and asked good questions. and we reviewed all the scientific data. dan: i have a series coming up, canceled in the u.s.a. you make an appearance in that. why were they trying to cancel you? what was at the center of this fight?
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what concerned them so much that they felt the need to try to censor you? >> i think there was an overall plan to try to suppress early treatment of covid-19 and have a whole variety of public health interventions that prepared the population to accept masks and vaccinations. now the whole thing is starting to unravel. dan: i'm sorry to hear that happened to you. we are going to drop those episodes on foxnation * on monday. canceled in the u.s.a. remember when the democrats and the media asked like every day was doomsday during the trump administration. >> trump brought the civil war and every day brings it closer and closer to ignition. dan: the economy is in the tank,
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we are on the brink of war with russia. eric trump breaks it down.
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cannes welcome back to "unfiltered." it looks like crime is getting so bad in democracies the left is getting the nervous. is the tide finally turning against his liberal agenda, then california? joining us is eric trump. this topic of politicized prosecutors has hit your family personally. justice is supposed to be blind. they are supposed to enforce the law, not take their own politics into the office. your thoughts on this? >> i think a lot of people in this country have lost total faith in the legal system. we deal with prosecutors in new york every day, letisha james
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said i am going to get him, i'm going to sue him, i'm going to take him down. you see what the district attorney is doing in new york. you see d.a.s in new york. they have politicized prosecution of people they don't that's a dangerous thing. when you have a society that loses confidence in the judicial system. they have seen it with mueller, and they have seen it time and time again. one thing this country that separates us from third world countries around the world is we have a rule of law and constitution that should be followed. up to this point it has. it feels like that's eroding every single day. >> it terrifies me. who you voted for could determine whether you get
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investigated. everything democrats warned us about your father, president trump, is actually happening under president biden now. take a look at this. >> the inciter-in-chief is back. >> do you believe the president has been an agent of the russians. >> yes. >> trump brought that cold civil war and every day brings it closer and closer to ignition. dan: international chaos. , we learn all these things, liberals warned us your dad was going to do are happening under biden. >> i hate to laugh because it's scary for this country. remembers hillary, would you wat that man with his finger on the
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nuclear button? the one president who never got us into wars. you have russia ready to take on the ukraine. look at nonsense in iran. look at at situation with israel and their next door neighbors and everything that's happening there. they destabilized this administration and the entire world. you will have hillary out there, and you will have biden. we understand foreign policy. i think the world has seen what weakness will do. >> we are suffering. the joke is on all of us. your family has been the subject of ridiculous, endless witch hunts. confidential emails emerge from
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that someone in washington need to engage vp biden saying that his position on the burisma board undercut the administration. the defense team never got ahold of this email. maybe they were too busy investigating you guys for a imofl course or real estate operation you were in. this has to piss you off. >> the big guy, if you remember the other email. the bigti guy was getting 10%. if we have a comma out of place, they will go after us. i'm a straight guy no nonsense. i'm the first one up in the morning and i work really hard.
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can you imagine a world where donald trump was commander-in-chief and i was doing crystal meth and heroin and dating my deceased brother's wife, dan, i would be dead. they don't even try and stop it. right now with joe biden as president, the guy is finger painting. can you imagine if i was selling my artwork as an unqualified aist to unqualified people? i would be locked up for the rest of my life. dan: i can't imagine that. i would have to hack out with you in prison. maybe you should do a painting for charity. the media would lose their mind if you donated the money. >> you don't hear about this guy. dan: no, you don't.
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i appreciate your time. thanks for coming on. coming up on "unfiltered." you heard the idea of two americas before. remember this? >> i want to be clear. when i'm talking about two americas. i am notal just talking about te difference between the rich and the poor. i am talking about the very rich and everybody else. dan: that was a democrat saying that. we are living two different americas, just not the one the democrats think. my unfiltered take on that coming up next. (vo) for me, one of the best things about life is that we keep moving forward. we discover exciting new technologies.
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♪ rsh ashley: welcome to fox news live i'm ashley strohmier. a verdict has been reached in the 2018 nashville waffle house shooting. he has been sentenced to prison without the possibilities of parole. he was found guilty on 16 charges including first degree murder. a suspect has been arrested in
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the deadly shooting at virginia tech hoopha bar. the suspect, 24-year-old jamal flint is facing charges of attempted murder and use of a firearm. i'm ashley strohmier. now back to "unfiltered" with dan bongino. >> when i'm talking about two americas, i'm not just talking about the difference between the rich and the poor. i'm talking about the very rich and everybody else. >> that was former far left presidential candidate john edwards. remember him, the hair guy, a $500 haircut? talking about two americas.
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there are guys who cut their own hair and then those guys who get $500 haircuts. i grew up in the city. i was a city kid. how do we explain the two americas speech john edwards gave. but what he doesn't tell you is that he created it. they created the two americas. look at major policy areas. economy, healthcare, education, public safety. where are economies struggling. inner cities run exclusively by garbage democrat politicians who don't give a damn about people. they are the ones who ran these economies into the ground. in some of these cities they haven't had a republican elected in four or five decades.
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an america where you can get a job and an america where you can't. let's not forget about the healthcare. you look at the health outcomes in the cities where the democrats have run for decades, and you stand a chance of dying in one of these inner cities far more likely than in city whereas they gave a damn about healthcare and outcomes. then education. you see these public schools in these inner cities. the kids have no shot. john edwards and the left want to talk about two americas. you are sending the america you run in these liberal cities. you are sending them to public schools that are a train wreck. a total train wreck. you are damning them to another america where they have no shot. public safety. bad enough that you can barely
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find a job. bad enough that the schools are awful and the kids get no shot. and they don't want to give them school choice. but what about public safety. you can't even walk down the darn street. as shop cried rates explode in cities run by liberals for decades. some of these places have not seen a breathing republican politician since the revolutionary war. and somehow it's our fault? i say to the folks in these places, it's your country, too. maybe it's time to give thal tesh tough a shot. you can't do any worse. joining me brandon tatum, a former police officer and author of the tatum report.
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america's inner cities being driven into the ground by these democrats and blaming it on everyone but themselves. >> i want to say, thank you for standing up for truth, being a bold man of courage. because of bold men like you, our country does a better job. the democrats have completely destroyed that which they claim to defend. they are putting policies in the place in these inner cities. they don't want black people to be better educated. and they are doing the same thing in policing. they hate the police. they have disdain for police officers. they come out own television almost every time they speak and say police departments around the country are systemically racist. then they claim to throw money at them as though it's going to fix the problem. when you destroyed the character
9:32 pm
and morale on a police department you won't see your cities turn around. they cry about what republicans and white racists are doing. but they are the ones destroying the black community in america as a whole. dan: i ran for office myself three times. didn't win. that's why i'm here speaking to every one. i knocked on a lot of doors in neighborhoods with a heavy minority population. we have got to get out there and knock on doors and talk to people face to face. it's the only way to change minds. >> 100%. i have never a met a person face to face who actually disagrees with me. when you talk to people and you meet them in their humanity.
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they want to be safe and provide for their families. we mostly want the same things and i agree with you 1,000 percent. most people get along just fine. i think that's the key to getting our country better. dan: well said. thanks for your time. i we willy appreciate it. coming up, the rise and fall of michael after senatey. -- michal avenatti. avenatti >> you are like the holy spirit. you are at all places at all times.
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you are all places at all times. a>> a federal judge dismissed stormy danielsls defamation suit against donald trump. >> did you try to extort nike for millions of dollars? >> no. the suggestion is absurd. >> michael avenatti is now a convicted felon. dan: michael avenatti, the media poster boy.a remember he's going to take down donald trump? he was found guilty of wire fraud and aggravated nest charges for his dealings with his former client, stormy daniels. michael avenatti's image.
9:40 pm
he went from a convicted felon for attempted extortion to wire fraud. do you think his appearances on the media hurt him in his legal battle here? >> i can't really speak to that question in particular. but i b think the fact that mr. avenatti faced three different indictments? two different districts certainly suggests that, you know, there was a concerted effort across two different u.s. attorney's offices to go after him as aggressively as possible. it's certainly possible that the fact that he had such a high profile made him such a significant target for them. >> these are two injuries here.
9:41 pm
-- these are two juries here. he even considered running for president at one time. you put your name out there, you have got all this dirty laundry behind you? >> the lesson i think is beware of the charlatans. anyone with any sense should have known from the moment avenatti hit the scene, that he was a charlatan. the things he was saying were outrageous. specifically about judge bret calf now, now justice brett kavanaugh when he said kavanaugh and on thers gang raped teenaged girls in high school, but somehow no one ever heard about this. it was an absurd story. now we know he's not just a charlatan web's a criminal. heri stole money from his client
9:42 pm
stormy daniels. while was telling here she wasn't getting paid, he was taking the money from her. dan: why would you go out in front of the media and make yourself this big public figure. he hadro all these appearanced n front of the media knowing the closet door was going to open. thanks a lot. really appreciate you. celebrities have a long history of putting their feet in their mouth.h. wait until you hear the latest from susan sarandon.
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dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." time for hot takes. outrageous stories you may have missed this week. joining us, fox news contributor lisa boothe. actress susan sarandon. haven't seen her since bull durham. she is being slammed after posting a disgraceful tweet
9:47 pm
comparing the officers at jason ramirez' funeral to fascists. this is just part of the culture rot we are living through. >> what i would like to say would probably get me fired. so i will stick with the p.g. version. these progressives like susan sarandon, she thinks she knows what's best for communities she doesn't live in. she has been part of the dethe fund police. you have had minority communities become more unsafe as a result of this anti-police hate. now you have more slain police officers like jason rivera and.
9:48 pm
>> let me get through the story here. this new bill in iowa, they are pushing for public schools to require live cameras in classrooms. lisa, totally down with that. let's see what teachers are teaching our kids. >> if there is any silver lining in the covid craziness, it's parents being exposed to what their kids are being taught. parents have been witness to the craziness, the liberal indoctrination happening to kids across america. but in some respects we already have cameras in classrooms. how many kids have these? they have cell phones. so many teachers have been fired because they pushed this nonsense on kids. or per rated kids. ins. some respects we kind of
9:49 pm
already have it. i think there should be transparency andsp parents shoud know the crazy their kids are being taught. dan: i don't know when transparency became such a crazy thing. >> we know why. dan: we know coming up next. is the pope socialist? many catholics, me includes are are -- wondering after his shocking statements. we know cloth masks don't work. what about pantihose? a mask study you have to see to believe.
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dan: dan: pope francis has been known as a transformative figure and leads the catholic church differently. is. that a good thing? is he a socialist? he made comments like this about taxes, must favor the redistribution of wealth. here to react is fox news contributor raymond arroyo. i had so many after i covered this own my podcast, so many priests and members of the church reach out to me about pope francis and social media misinformation. your thoughts on this. >> this is a spiritual intervention tonight. that's what i'm doing to help a
9:55 pm
friend. the pope's views on immigration and taxation are personal opinions. his job description doesn't cover of a any that. that's all extra. wee catholics and those in the media elevateap papal opinion to the level of dogma. people ask me, is the pope a socialist? in 2016 during the presidential election, only one presidential candidate was invited to the vatican. you you know who that candidate was? bernie sanders. they invited him because the bishop who ran the thing said his views are analogous with those of the pope. i knew pope benedict and john paul. they had a personal animus been communism and socialism in their bones.. but all of that is irrelevant.
9:56 pm
the pope is here to protect faith and morals. that's what he should be speaking on, and that's what we should be rinsing to. politics, immigration, fashion, the marketplace, all of that is a prudential judgment. you can listen to it and take it with a grain of salt just like your opinion or mine. dan: thanks for your time. i appreciate it. it has got me concerned because the church means a lot to me. >> stick to the dogma, you can't go wrong. the opinions, put that aside. >> time for our lightning rounds. story number one. the hypocrisy on the left is getting ridiculous. see this photo with eric gar krety and -- garcetti and magic
9:57 pm
johnson. here is garcetti's excuse. >> i wore my mask the entire when people asked for a photograph, i put it here and hold my breath. there is zero chance of getting infected from that. dan: maybe garcetti would feel better if he wore pantihose with his h mask. scientiststs say putting pantihe over your head, over your mask will make your mask more effective. do we need another psa here. don't rob banks, breathe. this is ridiculous. and don't wear pantihose over a mask out in public. next story. biden was in new york city on thursday to address the rising crime issue. instead of addressing policy, he
9:58 pm
blamed the guns. a life cut short by a man with a stolen glock, a magazine with 40 rounds. that's a weapon of war. >> we always bring the receipts object this show. we told you how the left loves to weaponize language where we said this. if you don't have a word or phrase just make it up. assault rifle or better yet, weapons of war. didn't take long. 7 days since last week's show. they do it every time whenever they don't have a point to make. we know the left loves their lockdowns. when they can't use covid as an excuse, with it's only a matter of time before they have to move on to their next crisis. coming next, climate lockdowns?
9:59 pm
i saw this story by kristen tate and said don't give them any ideas. aoc is probably pontificating about a climate lockdown. facebook made history this week and it was not for something positive. their stock dropped 237 billion. probably the gdp of a lot of countries around the world in one day. facebook, you have got to pick a side. do you want censorship or free speech. if they pick free speech their stock will go back up. before we go, remember you can real the dan bongino show 3 to 6 eastern. that does it for us tonight on
10:00 pm
"unfiltered."" we'll see you back here next saturday night at 9 p.m. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ lawrence: welcome to "lawrence jones cross country" on this show we take you on a journey of the good, the bad and the ugly. we go with the story takes us even if we may disagree on the outcome. let's go cross country. >> thank you so much for joining


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